Cladding Section

Beautiful, durable, stable and long lasting. The heat treatment process is carried out by subjecting the wood to high temperatures, up to 220 ° C, in a special stainless steel plant, in a controlled oxygen-free atmosphere, without the use of chemicals, inducing only heat, steam and water.

The heat treatment modifies the chemical structure of the wood essence, varying its physical and mechanical properties. The high temperature in fact causes the deterioration of the wood component that is more reactive to water, thus reducing the possibility that the essence undergoes shrinkage and swelling or cracks.

The heat treatment produces a uniform roasted coffee brown color, depending on the intensity of the temperature and excellent dimensional stability.

The durability characteristics are also improved, which are similar to those of the best tropical woods, thus making the product suitable to withstand any harsh or humid climate, with excellent resistance to attack by insects, molds and fungi; in short, an optimal product for outdoor use.