Thermo Pine

Size 21x100x2000 mm


Simmetric milled profile

2 smooth sides


Pro lo with symmetrical milling

1 smooth side and 1 side with anti-slip knurling


Beautiful, durable, stable and long-lasting. The heat treatment process is carried out by subjecting the wood to high temperatures up to 220°C, in a suitable oven made of stainless steel. The atmosphere is controlled, devoid of oxygen, without the use of chemicals, just inducing heat, steam and water.

The thermotreatment changes the chemical structure of the essence of the wood, varying the physical and mechanical properties. The high temperature, in fact, determines the deterioration of the component of the wood more reactive to water. This process reduces significantly the possibility of shrinkage, swelling or cracking. Thanks to the thermotreatment, the material turns uniformly to a roasted coffee brown colour, with excellent dimensional stability.

The durability characteristics are also improved, reaching similar values to the ones of the best tropical woods. The product is suitable to withstand any rigid or humid climate and it is extremely resistant to the attack by insects, molds and mycoses typical of wood. In one word: perfect for outdoor use.